If you want a special, elegant packaging for your products, then telescopic rigid boxes are the best choice! The image of you and your business is very important. The way you present yourself matters a lot for your business: an elegant, quality image offers credibility and trust to potential clients / collaborators. Choose to present yourself in a special way, with our help! The telescopic boxes are made of micro corrugated cardboard or type III cardboard and can be simple or printed.

The telescopic cardboard boxes are made of two pieces of corrugated cardboard (the lid of the box and its body), which, together, form a cardboard box with walls of double thickness. These types of boxes are also known as sliding boxes or bottom-lid boxes.

In principle, these rigid cardboard telescopic boxes have the role of protecting the products, keeping their quality intact. From food products as well as non-food products, they are an ideal way to store and transport a wide range of products.

Telescopic boxes consist of one or more pieces of cardboard and are provided with a lid, which is placed over the box.

With vast experience in the field, Hecomin specialists are at your disposal with packaging design services and cardboard boxes for shoes, food, gifts, clothing, toys, etc., at high quality standards. We produce foldable cardboard boxes and we help you with various solutions to ensure that our customers are satisfied and have a positive experience with quality services. We have the experience, the necessary technology, as well as a well-trained team, which allows us to show promptness, flexibility, innovation.

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