Offset printing

Offset printing is one of the most common printing techniques and consists of transferring the printing ink from the printing plate to the printing paper by means of an intermediate cylinder made of a special rubber. This technique is based on the property of printing inks not to mix with water.

For offset printing, classic CMYK inks or special Pantone colors are used, in which the processing of the basic colors necessary for image processing is done by rasterization – the surface of the paper is printed with very small and dense circles.

The printing machine used by our company is called KBA RAPIDA in 5 colors + lacquer with a maximum size of 1040X720 mm, following the modernization with a larger format machine in the shortest time.

Offset printing can be done on various media: stickers, PVC foils (labels), offset paper, double coated, special papers and cardboards, in different colors.

The rendered quality of the created images and details, the low cost for large prints, but also the possibility to use particular colors are just some of the advantages of the offset printing.